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Stain Removal In Milwaukee Has Never Been Better!

We use proprietary methods for removing stains from Kool aid, juice, wine…and many other types of hard-to-treat stains. Plus, we can even dye bleach spots and do burn repairs! Those mystery stains that have been on your carpet for years? They are no match against our stain removal products and techniques!

At STEAMDRY, we go well beyond carpet cleaning. We remove red and orange stains from wine, Kool-aid and juice. We also do spot dye-ing of bleach spots and burn repair. These stain removal services alone have saved our customers THOUSANDS in carpet replacement. We routinely bring carpet back to life that other carpet cleaning companies walk away from. In fact, many of our customers ca ll us “miracle workers.”

We have been removing stains in Milwaukee carpets since the beginning of our business, and have come into plenty of seemingly impossible stains. We know how to treat those stains, and even remove the odor! That is why we have our PhD in clean.

If you have any questions regarding our stain removal services in Milwaukee, please do not hesitate to give us a call at 877-90-STEAM. Our friendly, experienced staff is more than happy to answer any questions you may have!

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Our mission is deliver the highest quality carpet cleaning service in and around the Milwaukee area.