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Sussex Carpet Cleaning

SteamDry carpet cleaning of Sussex is called ‘the miracle worker’ for good reason. We invented the products and processes that broke through all previous carpet cleaning barriers.

SteamDry carpet cleaning saves you the cost of carpet replacement because it:

  • Adds years of life to your carpets and area rugs
  • Removes pet urine stains and odors completely – Guaranteed
  • Expertly repairs bleach and burn spots
  • Provides decades of commercial carpet cleaning experience and a professional crew
  • Gives you 24/7peace of mind in a flood emergency.

Why replace what carpet cleaning can fix?

Too many Sussex carpets and area rugs are scrapped before their time because of stains and odors. We think there’s a better way. So our Sussex carpet cleaning company developed a cleaning process that removes stains and odors completely to restore freshness to your whole room. For a fraction of what new carpeting costs, your carpets and furniture can smell and look like new, even where children and pets roam.

Carpet cleaning makes pets more lovable.

No matter how much you love your dogs and cats, you don’t love living with the stains, germs and odors that come with pet urine. Why suffer the embarrassment and discomfort of smelly, pet-stained carpet? The unique SteamDry carpet cleaning process totally erases lingering stains and odors that are impossible to remove through conventional carpet cleaning. We guarantee it.

An expert carpet cleaning company in Sussex should also offer expert repairs.

Cigarette burns and bleach marks from attempts at spot carpet cleaning may look hopeless, but they’re not. When we fix those spots you’ll never know they were there. It’s another way we add years to the life of your carpets. We care about your carpet and all who spend time on it. There are no short-cuts to truly effective carpet cleaning.

Commercial experience counts in the carpet cleaning business.

Is there a better training ground for a carpet cleaning company than an apartment complex? With people moving in and out, pets, parties, kids and work boots, it’s not surprising that potential renters are turned off quickly by the carpeting. No one wants to play on a germ battlefield. We even take care of tobacco residue. There’s a reason we’re the #1 provider of carpet cleaning services to property managers in Sussex.

Just imagine what our carpet cleaning can do for your home.

We’ve spent twenty-three years keeping businesses, landlords and renters happy in Sussex. Pet stains, spills, burns, dark paths from heavy traffic…we’ve conquered them all. Trust our experts to bring the same power to your toughest carpet cleaning challenges at home, including flooded spaces. All of our technicians are well-trained, well-paid, uniformed professionals with a ‘PhD in cleaning.

our mission

Our mission is deliver the highest quality carpet cleaning service in and around the Milwaukee area.